10 Reasons Why You Should Play Badminton

1. It is a Healthy Option
Badminton is a great all-around exercise that involves the whole body. The sport of badminton involves a great amount of running, jumping, and swinging, which actively utilises all the major muscle groups. Consistency is the key to master the sport of badminton. It not only improves metabolism but also helps to increase endurance.
2. It is a Safe and Low-Impact Game
Badminton is a low-impact sport, which also makes it quite safe for your children. There is no hitting or pushing or any type of direct contact with the players. Hence, this also reduces the risk of accidents and injuries that usually occur while playing sports like football, or basketball, these games are quite rough when compared to badminton.
3. It Helps in Improving Flexibility
To play badminton easily, players should be flexible. Therefore, children who play badminton should focus on developing flexibility, which has great benefits such as strengthening muscles and joints. Badminton involves rigorous running and jumping which will lay a strong emphasis on coordination among various body parts and muscles.
4. It Helps in Improving Strategic Thinking
Kids need to be motivated to strategise, outsmart, and lastly, defeat their opponent. With the majority of the racket sports, when playing badminton, players need to have a well-defined game strategy. As a result, children can also use this skill in their daily lives.
5. It Helps in Improving Hand-Eye Coordination
Continuously gauging the speed of the shuttle, and then hitting it with a racket requires good hand-eye coordination. By practising this sport, kids can develop the skill which they can use in their everyday life. By ensuring proper hand-eye coordination, your children will be able to master this sport with ease.
6. It Helps in Enhancing Motor Skills
Today children spend more time on electronic games and gadgets rather than outdoor sports. Badminton is a healthy sport that can help your children socialising and communicating better with people. Badminton will help in developing a better balance and coordination. Counted as the fastest sport in the world, children have to be alert and vigilant all the time.
7. It Helps in Increasing Mental Resilience
Playing the sport of badminton can decrease stress in kids to a great extent thereby allowing them to relax and shift their focus away from stressful situations. It has been a proven fact that playing sports at an early age can help kids develop discipline, motivation, self-esteem, and confidence.
8. It Helps in Developing Team Spirit
Your children can play badminton at an individual level as well as a team sport. Very often, children prefer to team up and play with each other. This is great for building team spirit. By playing badminton, children learn to work in a team and this further strengthens their relationship with their fellow teammates.
9. It Helps in Enhancing Memory
In general, majority of the sports are beneficial for memory and brain functioning. While playing badminton regularly, children are expected to keep a running score in their heads. There can be times where many may find it difficult and challenging to remember the score of other people. Keeping numbers in your head can help develop short-term memory.
10. It Helps in Creating a Positive Environment
Playing sports can be enjoyable, especially for little children, Sports can help kids to cope with stress by allowing them to release tension through constant movement and self-expression. Also, by participating in sports, children tend to release endorphins and dopamine (the feel-good hormones) and increase their sense of happiness and satisfaction. Besides, playing sports like badminton gives kids a chance to break away from the routine and monotony of studies